January 29, 2023 /

Religious Practices

ICCJ provides a wonderful opportunity to come together for prayer and spiritual renewal in a warm, inspirational environment. Weekday, Shabbat and holiday services offer an opportunity for people of all ages to become a community. Whether in the main Sanctuary or Chapel, Family or Youth services, everyone is encouraged to participate, whether in Hebrew or English.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel taught that, “The primary purpose of prayer is not to make requests. The primary purpose is to praise, to sing, to chant. Because the essence of prayer is a song, and [humans] cannot live without a song.”

Please join us in elevating ourselves in prayer and song.

In addition to prayers and songs, every ICCJ service contains a D’var Torah (short teaching) or a derashah (sermon) — an intellectual opportunity to impart classical ideas from our Torah tradition, provide a new way to consider what you’ve always understood, or simply to challenge your thinking. Our spiritual leaders are steeped in traditional and contemporary aspects of Torah and inspire a thoughtful love of Judaism through their teaching.

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