Fund Contributions

The following funds are available to give members the opportunity to support our synagogue and to acknowledge both joyous and sad occasions. For a minimum donation of $5.00 a personalized card is sent to the person or family specified. The contribution will also be listed in the Newsletter, unless anonymity is requested.  Your generous donations may be made via check or credit card.  For donations made to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, please make checks payable to that specific fund. For all other funds, checks should be made payable to ICCJ. Credit card donations can be made here:

Education Fund – Contributions are used to support the speakers and seminars for congregational enrichment.

Bella and Harry Richter Memorial Library Fund – Contributions are used to purchase books and other print or electronic media for the synagogue library.

ICCJ Synagogue Fund – Contributions are used to assist with all synagogue financial needs.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – This fund allows our rabbi to contribute to institutions or give to individuals in need.

Ritual Fund – Contributions are used to purchase and maintain prayer books and other religious material for the synagogue.

Youth Fund – Contributions are used to support our youth programs.

Golden Book

Every year, at Yom Kippur, ICCJ publishes the Golden Book to memorialize loved ones who have passed away.

Shalach Manot

Sisterhood’s Purim Sameach Fundraising Project performs the mitzvah of sending gifts to one another. A list of all those who sent you Purim Greetings is included with the gift.  A percentage of the funds raised through this project is  distributed to two chosen charities each year, such as food banks.