Service Times

Click here for Passover service Times.

Click here to read an important letter, jointly written by our rabbi, our head gabbai, and the chair of our Religious Affairs Committee.

We are fortunate to see our congregants attending services with increased frequency and enthusiasm!

At present, most of our prayer services are held in-person, in our building. Some weekday evening services are conducted on Zoom.

If you will be observing a Yahrzeit or another occasion, we strongly recommend attending in-person services. If you would like to attend a service at a time when one is not currently scheduled, please contact the rabbi at least a week in advance, and he will endeavor to arrange a minyan for that day/time.

Current regularly scheduled services (in-person) :

  Morning Evening
Friday * Varies according to Candle Lighting
Saturday 9:00 am Approx. 30 min before Candle Lighting
Sunday 9:00 am *
Monday * 7:30 pm
Tuesday * (If there’s an Executive or Board Meeting, 7:30 pm)
Wednesday * *
Thursday 7:00 am *

* by request only

A breakfast usually follows the Sunday morning service; all welcome.


Major and minor Jewish holidays and Festivals are all regularly celebrated with services and other events and celebrations. Please follow our mailing list and our Events Calendar for exact service times.

Most in-person services are livestreamed for those who are physically unable to attend. Please click here for details and to access the livestream.

Currently scheduled Zoom services:

At present, on Sunday, Tuesday (when no Executive or board meeting is scheduled), Wednesday and Thursday, we gather on Zoom for evening services at 7:30 PM.

Click here for the Zoom service details.

If an event is taking place that evening in the synagogue, we will probably opt for an in-person service instead. Similarly, if we receive a request for a Yahrzeit service, we will hold an in-person service instead of on Zoom. As usual, follow our e-mailing list for service scheduling issues and changes.