Traditionally, Conservative synagogues have had the word “Center” as part of their names. This indicated that the synagogue played a central role in the lives of its congregants. More than a House of Prayer, the shul also attended to the social, educational, and emotional needs of its membership and the local community.

At Israel Center of Conservative Judaism our three arms and numerous committees continue this long-established practice. Chaverim, Men’s Club, and Sisterhood, our arms, provide programs and events which enlighten and entertain. The Adult Education Committee invites speakers and sponsors opportunities which pique our intellectual curiosity and promote discussions which inspire communal involvement and activism.

Since families are at the foundation of ICCJ, our youth and young families can avail themselves of a wide variety of activities. Ohr Chadash, the Religious School underwritten by Hillside Jewish Center, Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center, and ICCJ, endow their youngsters with a substantial beginning to the Jewish learning experience. The Young Families Committee conducts programs for ICCJ children of all ages so they can enjoy events both in the shul and at outside venues. The USY Program (which is held in conjunction with our two sister synagogues) affords our children and teens the opportunity to interact with their contemporaries socially and endow them with core Jewish values.

The Religious Affairs Committee is at the core of the spiritual life of the shul, orchestrating the enactment of services, holiday events, and festival activities. The Yom HaShoah Committee coordinates the annual communal commemoration of the Holocaust with numerous other synagogues in our area, assuring that this tragic episode in Jewish history is never forgotten.

By exploring our website you will experience the full scope of how involved our community is.