September 23, 2021 /

Letter from our Co-Presidents

Fellow Congregants,

Starting Saturday, August 14, all adults attending religious services
and other events at ICCJ will be required to show proof of vaccination
against COVID on entering the synagogue. This requirement is being
implemented in keeping with New York City’s new mandate that people
participating in public indoor activities show proof of vaccination.

Congregants and visitors can show such proof either by presenting
their paper vaccination cards or New York State Excelsior passes to
Debbie Walsh, our security person, or other designated individuals.

These documents downloaded on a smartphone, will also be accepted as
proof of vaccination. No exceptions to this rule will be made. In
addition, all individuals will still be required to wear face masks
in the synagogue in accordance with federal guidelines.

Children 12 years old and under will be allowed into the synagogue, in
keeping with the city mandate,. if they are accompanied by a
vaccinated adult. Such children will be required to wear masks at all
times while in the building.

Once again, we will continue to monitor the ongoing health situation
and adjust synagogue policy accordingly. We appreciate your

David and Sam