May 24, 2022 /

JTS and Streicker

ICCJ  has registered to sponsor all eight of the Rabbinal Assembly ScholarStream series. You can find a full description of the topics and teachers for Series 1: Torah Relationships and Series 2: Ethics here. Full descriptions of the rest of our ScholarStream will follow soon.  

Classes begin Wednesday, October 6 @ 8:00PM
If you are planning on attending the Rabbi’s Movie Discussion class, resuming October 6, you will be able to watch recordings of the Scholar Stream classes. They will automatically be sent to everyone who registers. 

Classes are FREE to all ICCJ Members

Registration Link:

Coupon Code: ICCJ21

To register: Please enter this coupon code on the registration page under “Event Fees,” then click “Apply.” This will allow our congregants to register for each of the series at no cost.  Please note that the coupon code is case sensitive. 

Once registered, you will receive the Zoom link for each series in a reminder email sent about a week before the start of each series, and again on the morning of each session. The deadline to register for a given session is 10 AM ET on the morning of the session.

Since these classes run at the same time as Rabbi’s class please sign up and ask for a video copy of the class if you are interested in both the Rabbi’s class and these educational opportunities.