Religious School


The Ohr Chadash Religious School is a joint venture of Hillcrest Jewish Center, Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center, and Israel Center of Conservative Judaism. Begun in September 2008, the school is proud to announce that in May 2009, it was recognized as a “Framework for Excellence School” by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Ohr Chadash is one of a select group of after school religious schools in the State of New York to receive this status which we have maintained since 2009. This prestigious certification marks the fact that Ohr Chadash Religious School has met rigorous standards in all academic areas including professional development, curriculum, and family education. Further, Ohr Chadash has demonstrated that it has met all of the goals, aims, and benchmarks necessary to be considered a school of exceptional academic quality.

Director of Education and Engagement


Jeffrey Kelman is the Director of Education and Engagement.

Jeffrey has extensive background as a Teacher, Youth Director, Family Program Director and Religious School Principal having previously held, or currently holding, these positions in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Westchester County and Queens. Originally from Philadelphia, Jeffrey and his wife, Barbara, moved to New Rochelle, New York, in 2005 where they are happily living now.

Barbara is a Health Administration Executive in Manhattan and looks forward to her opportunities to spend time with Jeff’s students. Jeff has a great passion for sharing the beauty and fun of Judaism with youth of all ages, including teens, and families of all backgrounds.

Jeff is a graduate of Drexel University, where he majored in Business Administration, as well as Gratz Hebrew College. He is a big sports fan and enjoys swimming in the Long Island Sound and sledding with his wife.

His door is always open and you are welcome to call or e-mail Jeff ( with any question or concerns, or just to say “Shalom.”

Chaverim - 7th Graders and Up
Chaverim - 7th Graders and Up Our teen group, which will be open to 7th graders and above, has been specifically designed for the teens in our Religious School, and will be under the direction of Rabbi Uriel Romano. This group will spend Sunday Mornings studying, discussing and experiencing different Jewish values and practices together with Rabbi Uri. They will also have a special opportunity to meet every week with myself to engage in relevant, current, discussion topics. Some of the areas this group will examine on Sunday Mornings with Rabbi Uri will include Davening (Prayer), Tanach (Bible), Chagim (Holidays), Machloket (Jewish Debate), 613 Torah Mitzvot (Commandments) and News Cycle (Israel and Jewish Current Events).