Thursday, Aril 12 — Knit & Schmooze Interview
On Thursday, April 12th, young artist Tim Kelly (far right) came to visit the ICCJ Knit and Schmooze group. Tim received a grant through the Queens Council on the Arts funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. He is working on an exhibition in which he will represent stories from knitters and crocheters. He interviewed the group and took pictures of our work. His exhibition will open in November in Astoria.
Sunday, April 7 — Gary Rosenblatt — Fake News and Other Topics
On Sunday night, April 7, 2019, Jewish week publisher/editor Gary Rosenblatt discussed such varied topics as fake news, Israel’s election for Prime Minister, challenges of journalism in contemporary America, and publishing articles on American Jewish leaders accused of sexual abuse.
Thursday, March 21—Seudah at Ben’s Deli

On Thursday, March 21, about 50 people attended the Purim Seudah at Ben’s Deli in the Bay Terrace mall.

The speil was presented by a cast of six, featuring David Schwarz (Vashti), Norman Kerman (Mordechai), Rabbi Fryer Bodzin (narrator), Susi Berkson (King Ahasuerus), Irene Meyerowitz (Haman), and in rear, Howard Isaacson (Esther), the only one in costume..



cast robyn
Sunday, March 10, 2019, Guest Speaker, Aliyana Traison
World Jewish Congress Director of Public Relations, Aliyana Traison, spoke on the rise of anti-Semitism in the US and around the world.
Ohr Chadash Tu Bishvat Seder
January 20,2019
On Sunday, January 20, Ohr Chadash celebrated Tu Bishvat. Please visit for details.
ICCJ Young Families Dine at Ben’s Deli — January 20, 2019
After Shabbat, on December 22, the younger cohort of our young families community came out in full force to Ben’s Deli for our second annual dinner! We did havdallah, played games, and hung out. Many thanks for Emilee and Nina for planning.
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Ohr Chadash Prepares For Chanukah
Students from Ohr Chadash joyously celebrating the festival of Chanukah. Children proudly paint and prepare near menorahs for the first day of Chanukah. Students practice their cooking skills by cooking delicious potato pancakes or latkes in honor of Chanukah.
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Community Candle Lighting — December 3, 2018

The theme of this gathering was “Friends don’t let friends light Chanukah candles alone.”

A small group of congregants gathered in the evening to light the second candle, recite prayers, sing songs, and partake of jelly donuts.

menorah lighting donuts
Pre-Chanukah Party — December 1, 2018

On December 1, ICCJ held our terrific Pre-Chanukah Party. A fun time was had by all. The children, and some of the adults, enjoyed bouncing in the bouncer and dancing to our favorite DJ Russell. We were even entertained by an amazing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody sung by our own members Irene Meyerowitz and Barbara Feinberg, as well as the cutest little singer, George. They did a great job. The latkes and jelly donuts were yummy. We had a basket raffle, in which many of our members and guests won.

A special thank you to our wonderful rabbi, Rabbi Fryer Bodzin, for leading the lighting, telling the story of the Maccabees and getting the party underway. In addition, thank you to all the amazing woman and men who helped make this event a success: Irene Meyerowitz, Susan Losow, Robert Losow, Susi Berkson, Susan Barth, Adam Greebler, Betty Shaffer, Paul Gorel, Marilyn Kaufman, Mel Kaufman, Emilee Wyner, Susan Alvarado - for her generous basket donation, Mady O’Brien, Helena Shayer, and our own Willie. Extra special thanks to our fabulous little helpers: Josie, Derek and George who entertained us with their amazing singing and helped with the raffles; Maddie Krupnick, our marvelous Youth & Family Coordinator, who entertained our children and adults with crafts and fun; Ethan Rivera for his assistance with set up and clean up and Maxwell Greebler for his help with set up and selling of the raffle tickets. This event was successful because of all of you.

Thanks again. Happy New Year to all.
Nina Greebler

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Kristallnacht Remembered—November 8, 2018

Our community’s 80th commemoration of Kristallnacht, was held at ICCJ on Thursday evening, November 8th. President Marilyn Kaufman welcomed attendees from the four participating synagogues, Hillcrest JC, Hollis Hills Bayside, Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills, and ICCJ.

Rabbi Fryer Bodzin spoke of the necessity of the evening’s commemoration and introduced the film, which provided a backdrop to the conditions in Germany and the world which allowed the rise of Nazism in the 1930’s and the events which precipitated the “Night of Broken Glass.” Also documented were the unsuccessful efforts of escape and the global indifference which paved the way for the devastation of the Holocaust.

ICCJ’s Claire Heymann, a survivor of both Kristallnacht and Auschwitz, had the assemblage enthralled with her recollections of that night and of husband Erich’s rescuing a tallit from a burning synagogue, which became part of the chuppah for her grandson’s recent marriage.

Cantor Moti Fuchs chanted a special El Moley for the victims of Kristallnacht and the Shoah, and then led those present in Hatikvah. Rabbi David Wise of HHBJC concluded the program with the story of the Jewish musical talent of Germany of the 1920’s and 1930’s, who were banned from performing in non-Jewish venues after the Nazi rise to power, and had their talents preserved on Jewish records, which were destroyed on Kristallnacht.

However, due to the diligence of a committed musicologist in the 1990’s, who searched the globe, this discography and the recordings were miraculously restored. And the Semer Ensemble, formed in 2015, based in Germany, has been performing this music globally.

In light of recent events, the power of past hatred is not lost on present-day mindsets, and the need for vigilance remains as necessary as it should have been eight decades ago.

Young Families Sukkah Extravaganza
On the Saturday night of Sukkot, our young families community made their way to Rabbi Fryer Bodzin's sukkah for havdallah and ice cream. Special thanks to everyone who helped plan and publicize, and to Nate Como for being a fantastic ice cream scooper.
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Tashlich—Sunday, September 16, 2018
On Sunday, September 16, our community came out for our annual inter-generational Tashlich at Goose Pond. We sang, we threw away bread and we shmoozed. New this year was the addition of Maddie Krupnick, our Young Families Coordinator who read stories with our youngest friends.

Harlem Walk—Sunday, June 10

A Chaverim-sponsored walking tour of Harlem took place on Sunday, June 10. Led by our member, Sam Weiss, the group explored Hamilton Heights and Central Harlem, visiting famous sites that included Alexander Hamilton's home, the City College Campus, the Abysinian Baptist Church, , and the Sandford White homes, as shown in the photos. We also visited the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Strivers Row, and the Apollo Theater.

walkers art ham
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Israel Day Parade–Sunday, June 4, 2018
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Education Committee and Men’s Club Joint Breakfast—May 6th
This morning, the Education Committee and Men’s Club co-sponsored a breakfast with guest speaker Mark Freilich. Past ICCJ president and astronomer Mark Freilich gave an interactive lecture entitled “Is there life in the universe?” He said scientists think there are planets within and beyond our solar system that may contain elements for life beneath their crusts.
ICCJ Visit to Israel • April 15–25, 2018

Our three rabbis conducted
an amazing Israel tour on the
70th anniversary of
Israel’s Independence Day

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
Israel Center of Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Manes Kogan
Hillcrest Jewish Center

Rabbi David Wise
Hollis Hills-Bayside Jewish Center

torah ariella-wall aaron-torah
Sunday Night, March 18 – Rabbi Kogan’s Visit to South Korea

On Sunday night, March 18, Hillcrest’s senior clergyman, Rabbi Manes Kogan presented a lecture and power point slide show on his March 2016 trip to South Korea. Although South Korea has a very small Jewish community, serviced by Chabad, he had been invited to teach by Korean Christians for Shalom in Jerusalem, an evangelical group that believes Jews will one day return to their homeland.

During his adventure in South Korea, Rabbi Kogan taught students at Choong Buk University who had never met a Jew before. Rabbi Kogan taught them about Moses, Jonah, and the importance of asking questions. Given the freedom to ask questions, one student asked Rabbi Kogan how he kept his yarmulke from falling off his head!

Various Activities — Purim 2018
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