We are now meeting on Mondays and Tuesday's from 10:00 - 11:00.

This is a class that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and strong. Through experiencing your mind as it relates to your body, and your breath as the link between the two, you will learn fine alignment techniques to support posture, walking, and healthy living. These classes are designed for all levels, including students healing from injuries.

Moderate fee charged for each session.

Note: You must be able to get up and down from the floor comfortably to participate.

Our instructor is Illa Soni.


I am originally from India and have been here in USA for over 40 years. Professionally I was a Substitute teacher and worked for New York City Board of Education while pursuing a Master’s degree in Special Education. My goal was to teach. My yoga journey began in 2014. I practiced yoga daily to transform physically, become stronger and stable with flexibility. I found immense amount of inner strength, peace, and healing through yoga routine. I learned the interaction between body, mind and spirit to be important procedures to be well.

I wanted to learn more about yoga, so I embarked on my 200 hours (Level I) yoga teacher training at Yogashakti Teacher Training Center in NYC and continued to do 500 hours (Level II) of intense teacher training. My curiosity did not stop there because I continued my studies through other sub-categories to yoga modules, over the long weekend workshops in other locations near Long Island area by other yoga practitioners. I learned several basic/gentle exercises to implement for seniors and younger population such as: Chair yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki I & II, together with Energy Medicine and completed children yoga training, too by making them use illustrations or make them imagine ideas of things and associate asana’s with sounds to gain balance and energy to do better in class. I found that each posture is unique and if linked with deep breathing it gives me confidence in strength I have now to teach with mindfulness practice to all participants. I modify the poses by using props like: chairs, balls, socks, blocks, stretch bands, or belts, plus let the participants feel at ease to stretch and flex their muscles while they do the yoga poses. I always seek new ways to develop my personal practice with breath work and soft classical music.

I love to introduce creative variations of traditional gentle yoga asana’s (exercises) to senior population who are struggling with numerous kind of health issues in their body. I understand each individual comes with different weaknesses into the class. I want everyone to heal at their own level. I wish to share this practice, a journey to better healthy life style. Nothing makes me happier than to share stories with others of how I struggled at first combined with my teachers guidance I became devoted, dedicated when they persisted I do yoga daily to get amazing benefits. I look forward to sharing my yoga expedition with others.