Harlem Walk—Sunday, June 10

A Chaverim-sponsored walking tour of Harlem took place on Sunday, June 10. Led by our member, Sam Weiss, the group explored Hamilton Heights and Central Harlem, visiting famous sites that included Alexander Hamilton's home, the City College Campus, the Abysinian Baptist Church, , and the Sandford White homes, as shown in the photos. We also visited the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Strivers Row, and the Apollo Theater.

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Israel Day Parade–Sunday, June 4, 2018
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Education Committee and Men’s Club Joint Breakfast—May 6th
This morning, the Education Committee and Men’s Club co-sponsored a breakfast with guest speaker Mark Freilich. Past ICCJ president and astronomer Mark Freilich gave an interactive lecture entitled “Is there life in the universe?” He said scientists think there are planets within and beyond our solar system that may contain elements for life beneath their crusts.
ICCJ Visit to Israel • April 15–25, 2018

Our three rabbis conducted
an amazing Israel tour on the
70th anniversary of
Israel’s Independence Day

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
Israel Center of Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Manes Kogan
Hillcrest Jewish Center

Rabbi David Wise
Hollis Hills-Bayside Jewish Center

torah ariella-wall aaron-torah
Sunday Night, March 18 – Rabbi Kogan’s Visit to South Korea

On Sunday night, March 18, Hillcrest’s senior clergyman, Rabbi Manes Kogan presented a lecture and power point slide show on his March 2016 trip to South Korea. Although South Korea has a very small Jewish community, serviced by Chabad, he had been invited to teach by Korean Christians for Shalom in Jerusalem, an evangelical group that believes Jews will one day return to their homeland.

During his adventure in South Korea, Rabbi Kogan taught students at Choong Buk University who had never met a Jew before. Rabbi Kogan taught them about Moses, Jonah, and the importance of asking questions. Given the freedom to ask questions, one student asked Rabbi Kogan how he kept his yarmulke from falling off his head!

Various Activities — Purim 2018
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